Getting Started with Debitsuccess

Quick start guide to enable Debitsuccess

Getting Started

​​​​​​​Complete this form to enable Debitsuccess to be linked to your Sporty site. 

You will need the following items to successfully complete the onboarding process.    

  • Email Address linked to account 
  • Mobile number linked to account (this will be used for authentication) 
  • Additional verification may be required such as proof of identification

You will then be ready to start accepting payments using Debitsuccess.

Accepting Payments

To setup your Sporty forms to start collecting payments, please view this article.

I have more questions about Debitsuccess

Please view this support article, and for further queries, please contact Debitsuccess support.

If you would like to discuss if POLi is the best option for your organisation, please complete the form below.