Xero integration

​​​​​​​If your organisation uses Xero accounting software you are able to integrate online payments set-up in Sporty with Xero.

Integration with Xero makes the following possible:

  1. Creation of contacts in Xero. When a person registers online via Sporty, a customer account (“Contact”) is automatically created for that person in Xero.
  2. Creation of invoices. When a person registers via Sporty, they can select items to pay for (such as subs or products). A draft or authorised invoice is automatically created in Xero for you.  
  3. Items marked as paid. When a person pays online as part of the registration process, the invoice can be marked as Paid automatically in Xero.  Similarly, when you set an invoice as 'paid' in Xero, this updates the Sporty 'balance paid' to show the payment received.

For more information, please visit www.sporty.co.nz/xero or download the full user guide below.

Xero integration is free for all organisations that have a paid subscription plan. If your organisation is only using our free services, you can still get Xero enabled for a once-only fee of $95 + GST.

Either way, please complete this application form to get started.