​​​​​​​Transaction fees from only 1% + GST

If you use Sporty.co.nz or Schoolground.co.nz it's easy to let people pay your organisation by:

Credit card

Debit card

Direct debit

POLi account-to-account

We have partnered with Stripe and POLi as well as Debitsuccess to bring more payment processing options for NZ sports clubs, schools and governing bodies.

POLi fees are only 1% + GST.  Not only that, but if your organisation is not-for-profit, the total fee is capped at $1 + GST per transaction. So for example, for a $150 transaction, that's under 0.7% + GST. This tiny rate is huge news. It will save thousands of dollars per year.

Stripe fees are 2.9% + $0.30c per transaction for credit cards & debit cards. Sporty will continue to offer and support Debitsuccess as well, so don’t panic if you already have this enabled. It’s not going anywhere and it’s your choice.​​​​​​​